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The SPA is the heart of the DOGANA RESORT. The ideal space to make peace with the deepest emotions regenerating energy and spirit. 

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Welcome to Puglia!

Where relax begins

A vibrant and authentic place, a perfect blend of sea and earth.
Cradle of centuries-old olive trees thanks to which we witness the triumph of the typical yellow gold, elixir of long life.

Fertile land for vineyards and many fruit trees that give pearls steeped in color, taste and essential elements to our well-being. The call of our land is achieved through a welcome ceremony that includes a warm lavette with the basil aroma that will inebriate your senses and a scrub EXFO MARINE - SALT CRYSTALS that can be massaged in complete autonomy as a prelude to an emollient steam bath. This is followed by the entrance to the Finnish SAVU sauna, which ensures abundant perspiration of the skin; all alternated by emotional showers with different jets of water that will rebalance the body temperature in this purification process. The rest of the day will see you comfortably lying in our relaxation area where you can sip flavoured water and taste typical seasonal fruit.

Steam bath
Finnish SAVU sauna
Hydromassage bathtub
Cold shower with mint scent
Relaxing area
Flavours corner: seasonal and local drinks and fruit
Face and body treatments area
Shower with hot, warm and cold water



BIOLINE JATO is renowned for its quality, research and professionalism: these are the founding values of a company that for 40 years has combined continuous scientific innovation of its products with a consolidated working method capable of optimizing results and guaranteeing success.

The application of specific formulas and practices for professional cosmetics are the mission of this reality. Competence and empathy, sensitivity and professionalism synergistically feed the virtuous circle of body feeling, beauty and well-being.

SPA services

We can arrange a customized spa experience for you.


A real treatment that not only illuminates and revitalizes the skin, but also intervenes immediately on imperfections in the body. The formula with its precious oil gel texture brings softness and well-being to the skin. Enriched with special salt crystals, it accelerates the physiological epidermal turnover for an intense aesthetic action.

1 hour, 80 EUR


Draining treatment thanks to the precious combination of specific active ingredients conveyed through a body pack with sea mud and multifunctional bandages. The textures exploit the detoxifying properties of mineral clays, the osmotic power of marine extracts and the emollient action of vegetable oils to reduce the orange peel appearance.

1 hour, 80 EUR


Shock treatment that improves the appearance of localized fat deposits and smoothes the skin, giving it softness and elasticity. Innovative stimulating and thermogenic functional complexes act on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks for more defined body contours.

1 hour, 90 eur


A formulation rich in hyaluronic acid that restores the correct water level of the skin while preserving its natural functionality and freshness. The virtuous synergy of active ingredients acts directly on the skin's architecture, on the surface and in depth, favouring the skin's ability to create water reserves, preserving its natural functionality.

1 hour, 80 EUR


Formulation rich in grapefruit seed extract and plant extracts. Reduces the shine of the T-zone and the visibility of enlarged pores, giving the skin uniformity. It is a line dedicated to the treatment of impure, mixed, oily and acne-prone skin.

1 hour, 80 EUR

Sensitive Skin

Formulation with blueberry extract, blackcurrant extract and aloe vera extract. It increases resistance to external aggressions, reducing skin redness. The pool of active ingredients is specially designed for sensitive and delicate skin.

1 hour, 80 EUR


Formulation rich in lipids, collagen and vegetable oils. It preserves the lipidic heritage, restoring compactness and elasticity to the tissue and decreasing the signs of premature ageing.

1 hour, 80 EUR

Relaxing Massage

A complete and exclusive massage that involves all the senses thanks to the sublime scent of BIOAROMA RELAXING that relieves the tensions of the body, head and face.

50 min, 60 eur
30 min, 30 eur

Decontracting Massage

Massage with strong intensity pressures that acts on the dissolution of muscle contractures. Relieve stress and tension by regenerating the muscles in depth.

50 min, 60 eur
30 min, 30 eur

Candle Massage

Relaxing massage softened by the warm amber aroma of the candle that will involve every sense giving the skin a deep wellness and a pleasant hydration.

50 min, 70 eur
30 min, 40 eur

Chocolate Massage

Massage dedicated to lovers of the sweetest fragrances but especially used because chocolate is a panacea for the brain stimulating the endorphins, giving a delicious discharge of pleasure to the synapses. There will be a tasting of chocolate delicacies.

50 min, 70 eur
30 min, 40 eur

Energizing Massage

Awakens the body through a massage that combines energetic manual skills with the action of BIOAROMA ENERGY based on orange, lemon and white thyme, essential for a regenerating and stimulating sensation.

50 min, 60 eur
30 min, 30 eur

Rebalancing Massage (jet lag/anti-fatigue)

Alternating soft manual skills at different pressures aimed at restoring energy balance of mind and body.

50 min, 60 eur
30 min, 60 eur

SPA Manicure
  • Exfoliating treatment
  • Moisturizing pack
  • Cutting, filing, cuticles, polishing and enamel application

40 min, 50 eur

SPA Pedicure
  • Exfoliating treatment
  • Moisturizing pack
  • Cutting, filing, cuticles, polishing and enamel application

40 min, 50 eur


Total, 100 eur
Partial, 50 eur

Make up

50 eur

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