The Residence


The historic building from 1655 to DOGANA RESORT 2019

A happy intuition, a promise kept, a joyful surprise. Restoration and restitution of a historical and monumental asset, enhancement in continuity.

DOGANA RESORT 2019 is reborn in the heart of a land dedicated to hospitality, with the sea ahead, landing and horizon, destination for travel and departures to discover the Mediterranean "mare nostrum", well-being and dream.

35 sober and essential rooms, embellished with stylish details such as stone verandas or emotional showers that welcome water from a dome, or the ancient ravines, ovens and wells in the barrel vaults. The "made-to-measure" furnishings are made by skilled craftsmen: iron, wood, stone, fabrics.

The Story

1655 - The beginnings

The first information about the building dates back to November 25, 1655, when the bishop Giovanni Tommaso Pinelli bought a "palatial house" from the noble Giovanni Maria de Luca at a price of about one thousand two hundred ducats. Then, between 1673 and 1694, other portions of the de Luca family's palace were purchased, defining the boundaries of the site where the new Seminary would be built.

From the 17th to the 18th century - Seminary

Between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, work took place on the Bishop's Palace and the Seminary Palace, which were completed in 1713, the year of the inauguration of the new Seminary by Bishop Fabrizio Antonio Salerni. On 2 May 1725, Salerni also obtained permission from the Holy See to establish the Episcopate.

1760 - Seminary Restructuring

In 1760, the Seminary underwent extensive renovation work, completed in three years at a cost of about twenty-one thousand ducats.

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