Restaurant & Bistrot

Comando del Porto

Apulian and
Mediterranean cuisine

Our cuisine is a magnificent tribute to local products in full respect of peculiarities and food tradition.

From the fishing boats on the harbor arrives the most important Adriatic sea fresh fish. From the old centuries olive trees, extra virgin olive oil is born. From the sea to the table; excellence shortens distances.

Impeccable service highly oriented to hospitality. our staff is able to advise and surprise discreetly the most demanding or delicate palates.

A Mediterranean

The authentic Mediterranean taste, a journey between delights of the day and evening experiences.

Fresh fish, homemade pasta, crispy vegetables, local meat, light cheese and seasonal fruit. Our chef’s cuisine is a love declaration for our land: full of tastes, scents and colors.

Lounge Caffè


The elegant and relaxing variant for the coffee break, aperitif or brunch. The perfect combo between style and glamourous atmosphere. And when the NIGHT comes, the American bar lives of rhythm on the notes of soul, jazz, pop. A whole different music!

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